Community Support Center/CSC-Asbl


To continue its vision, Community Support Center/ CSC-Asbl tries to act for the best in the following areas

Formal and informal education

五 Education for peace, dialogue, negotiation and conflict transformation

五 Psychosocial support for children and young women survivor, victims of wars and ethnic conflicts

五 Environmental management

五 Resilience and socio-professional empowerment

Sexual and reproductive health of young women and girls

Formal and Informal Education

When we think of education, of course we think of school and family. Education aims for individual and collective emancipation and the transformation of society. In particular, she wishes to promote social progress. education as a whole is recognized by any somewhat democratic society as an undeniable issue. Education promotes socio-economic mobility and is a way out of poverty. Nevertheless, many children and young girls have linked up education following the conflicts of wars and ethic in eastern DR Congo since 1996

Education for peace, dialogue, negotiation and conflict transformation

Peace education relating to the process of acquiring the values, knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to live in harmony with oneself, one's environment and others. Community Support Center CSC-Asbl and other actors stand up to defend the noble cause, the consolidation of lasting peace in the East of the country.

Psychosocial support

We work on the psychological problems of children and young women (girls) survivors and victims of wars and conflicts as well as those who live in conditions of extreme precariousness in the East. We believe that providing psychological assistance is a preliminary way to consolidate peace, facilitate social reintegration and prevent violence in the long term.

Environmental management

Environmental protection consists of taking measures to limit or eliminate the negative impact of human activities on its environment. There are a myriad of small actions each of us can do to help protect the environment, including: buying durable, reusable products rather than disposable or substandard products; Avoid buying products with a lot of packaging; Avoid cutting down trees, Avoid burning forests and many others not mentioned above. Community Support Center / CSC-Asbl thinks that By applying these environmental protection rules, we will guarantee a better future for future generations.

Resilience and socio-professional empowerment

Since 2016 CSC-Asbl has opened these doors to support survivors and victims of wars, ethnic conflicts in earstern DR Congo. We believe that empowerment enables people to access productive resources and participate in decision-making processes that affect their lives. However the constraints to empowerment includes unequal power relationships, lack of opportunities, lack of gender capacities and inequalities, ethnicity, religion, location, disability or age thus in eastern DR Congo, children and young women and girls survivors and victims of wars and ethnic conflicts are the most vulnerable.

Sexual and reproductive health of young women

CSC-Asbl focuses on the psychological assistance of young women and girls survivors and victims of wars and ethnic conflicts in Eastern DR Congo by preparing them for abortion services as part of a comprehensive package and sexual and reproductive health services, including post-abortion contraception, and HIV AIDS.