Community Support Center/CSC-Asbl


History of CSC-asbl

We are a non-profit organization founded and administered by youth, CSC-Asbl is based in Uvira / South Kivu in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. CSC-Asbl was created on February 23 and registered on the number: 112 / SKV / 6296 on May 17, 2016 given the precariousness of which the children and young women who are victims of wars and ethnic conflicts in the East of the Democratic Republic survive of the Congo. BYOLENGANYA O,OL Bernoulli our founder himself being a victim of these problems mentioned above; the idea of ​​creating CSC-Asbl seems to fight against the long-standing problem in eastern DR Congo in order to consolidate lasting peace and peaceful cohabitation in the east of the country and more particularly in South Kivu in the regions that we are working.

Since 1996, Eastern DRC has been in conflict with over 10 militia groups operating in the region. These include the Mai-Mai, the RCD-Goma and the FDD.
Children make up the majority of soldiers within all of the armed forces.