Community Support Center/CSC-Asbl


We are here to support and accompany the most vulnerable children and young women / girls in Eastern DR Congo

By providing support and psychosocial assistance to children and young women / girls survivors and victims of wars and ethnic conflicts as well as victims of violence at all levels, we hope to live a world where the most vulnerable will be filled with joy and hope to live a better future.


Our values

Dignity: We respect the consideration deserved by all those with whom we collaborate and work together, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, physical condition or social status.

Humanity: Compassion, caring and sensitivity to the experiences of children victims of wars and ethnic conflicts as well as children living in extremely precarious conditions are our priorities.

Sharing: We share our experiences with everyone available to learn a lesson so that we can help vulnerable children and anyone else in need.

Do not harm to children

Community Support Center Asbl, under the guidance of Keeping Children Safe / KCS in its V/S program, we do our best to improve our safeguard policy by operating in a way that ensures that all of our members, partners and anyone who comes into contact with children does not harm them.